Pokemon TCG Online Log - Part 0 of ???

I'm working on a collection in Pokemon Trading Card Game Online. I thought it would be a good idea to make a journal/log/blog/whatever thing on my website that wasn't being used for anything else. So, let's begin! not begin because I need to provide context...

What is the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online?

The Pokemon Trading Card Game Online (aka PTCGO) is an online version of the popular Pokemon Trading Card Game (aka TCG in Pokemon-related contexts), which is a popular strategic deck-based card game. I won't explain the rules here, but you can download PTCGO here, which includes a tutorial for logged-in players, or follow the online Flash-based tutorial for the TCG here.

How am I getting cards?

The TCG requires obtaining cards. I will occasionally redeem codes, get boosters from the Shop when necessary, and sometimes get weekly promos that include packs. I will also trade. In other words, I'm doing just about everything to get cards. I'm even learning how to love like you